The Static Trees / Tuck Son - Elephant Folk

The Static Trees + Tuck Son

Elephant Folk (2010)

LP01-CD ($4 + $1 shipping)

Edition: 25 (1st run)

Length: 51m 44s

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Listen to “Week From Hell” by The Static Trees + Tuck Son

Listen to “A Brief Explanation” by The Static Trees + Tuck Son (ft. Josh Gelles)


1. I Know
2. A Brief Explanation
3. Je T’aime
4. I Can Blame You
5. Firehouse Blues
6. (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone
7. Kerosene & Simplicity
8. Man Named Jesus
9. The Wedding
10. Preachin’ The Blues
11. Abnormally Mundane
12. All (I Need You)
13. Week From Hell
14. Traditional Spanish Song #1

This release is the fruit of countless hours spent fooling around at “Antler Studio HQ”, laughing at nothing in particular, planning our rise to fame from this quiet, dim and obscure moth-ridden corner of my parents’ basement. On the surface, this is an album of really fucking catchy hooks (some say ‘Dylan-esque’), but gaze deeper and you discover that the themes covered range from cutesy love ballads (“All”), to indictments of Western Culture (“I Know”), to metaphysical treatises on Life/Death/Rebirth (“The Wedding”). Somehow, this duo ended up with all the talent and none of the pretentiousness. Humble as a pair of monks, really. Give The Static Trees a chance, and they will plant a seed inside your heart. No, it won’t grow into a tree (okay…maybe it will), it’ll spread like dandelions in a vacant lot, in the summertime. You’ll be blooming with love (carried by the wind), year round, in almost any climate (arctic regions excluded).

The Static Trees
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Tuck Son
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The Static Trees - What Kind Of Evil I Am

The Static Trees

What Kind Of Evil I Am (2010)

LP03-CS ($5 + $2 shipping)

Edition: 15 (1st run)

Length: 53m 05s

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Listen to “Mind Magician” by The Static Trees

via the NOHS Silhouette:

“Nikki Barber and Dylan Whitlow are The Static Trees, brought together by a lifelong love of music and a genuine affection for one another that came to be intertwined when they were students at New Oxford and Fairfield high schools, respectively. Their music is a fascinating mind-meld of roots folk/blues with a Beatlesque sense of melody and harmony and Dylanesque wordplay. And while they are still only 19 years of age, they are producing catchy tunes that befit songwriters twice their age.”


1. Intro
2. Mind Magician
3. What Kind Of Evil I Am
4. Lonely Side of Me
5. 191 Kinds of Blues
6. All Kinds Of Blues
7. Wastin’ Time
8. I’ll Say Farewell
9. No Fun
10. Livin’ In A CLosed Box (Inside of an Open Mind)
11. Here It Comes
12. K.V.
13. Hello
14. Turn Around
15. Promise Me
16. I’m Feelin’ Mean

I’ve known these kids running on six years now and they never cease to amaze me. On the verge on their second anniversary, this songwriting duo has exploded onto the local music scene with all the angst and sheer talent you’d expect from the lovechild of Dylan Whitlow and Nikki Barber. They’re currently compiling tracks for their fourth album, due to be released in early November of 2010. Another album is expected around December/January, with a more raw and unhinged sound than their previous folk-tinged works. That makes three in one year! Watch out Anton Newcombe, you’ve got some competetion in the category of “Most Prolific Underground Bluesy Folk/Rock Act”. The most impressive thing is that they’ve also managed to become their own recording engineers, producers, web designers and booking agents too! Expect big things from this band in the future, including an East Coast tour with yours truly!

Wisdom Tooth - Baby Neptune

Wisdom Tooth

Baby Neptune (2010)

LP02-CS ($5 + $2 shipping)

Edition: 30 (1st run)

Length: 36m 52s

Listen to “Meet The World” by Wisdom Tooth

via Spooky Town Records:

“Wisdom Tooth showed up at my house twice last year with a notebook full of songs, and we went down to my basement and hooked a couple of microphones into a faithless cassette deck and he spun his tall tales, about a witch, the Tooth Fairy, Lady Lochness, the Sick Grandfather Clock, and of course Pianoskin himself. Anyone who isn’t acquainted with the messy folky poppy lo-fi recordings that John “Wisdom Tooth // Mad Mouth” Andrews is cooking in New Jersey is about to find the part of the world he forgot, under his bed, around the backs of trees, in the corner of the wall behind the piano, et cetera. This is raw crooning for you to sing from your pillow to the moon.”

Side A:

1. meet the world

2. the mice that stole

3. they call it home

4. now we know

5. be human

6. hear me out

Side B:

7. don’t spook the horses

8. wonders

9. clocks for lunch

10. baby neptune

11. do you feel the same?

"Baby Neptune" comes on a standard c62 cassette, with syrup-thick melodies and the rhythm of a bookish ghost.

Pineal Indole - Native Sun

Pineal Indole

Native Sun (2010)

LP01-CS ($5 + $2 shipping)

Edition: 20 (1st run)

Length: 59m 38s

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Listen to “AHH ooOOoo HHA” by Pineal Indole


“A generator is running somewhere in the desert. You can feel its vibrations as you climb towards it. Light breaks over the hill and creates a distorted shadow of your form. Long lines of fluorescent bulbs streaming from horizontal logs cast a light on madmen in a frenzied dance. The generator, the size of garden shed pumps away, fuelling the central figure, the source of the commotion. The music reaches a crescendo and as it dies away Pineal Indole says to you: “There is only one super-symmetrical multiverse containing all simultaneous spacial and temporal dimensions. You and I are that… so I have heard.”


1. Can I Get The Origin Of The Word Please? (Intro)
2. AHH ooOOoo HHA
3. Sanguine Sunshine
4. Ukulele Beat
5. Electric Koolaid
6. Beowawe
7. Synth Interlude
8. 8th Chakra
9. Fun Blocks
10. El Topo
11. Alien Epistemology
12. Antitussive Ego Destruction
13. Chicka Chicka
14. Peace Whale
15. Greek Perception Of Time
16. Meta Meta
17. ƒ(x)

Seventeen (okay, fifteen and a half!) tracks of weird and sometimes-but-usually-not jarring sounds. MORE TO COME! ♥♥♥ Each “Native Sun” cassette comes with link to download the album in mp3 format (320kbps).